When the word “steroids” is mentioned, what come to most people’s minds are compounds that are used to build muscle quickly in conjunction with a certain diet and exercise regime. However, what some people don’t know is that in some cases, compounds such as Anavar steroid can as well help torch fat and give the user the physique he or she craves.

weight lossSo, can Anavar help burn fat?

The answer is yes. Anavar (oxandrolone) happens to be one of the only true steroids in the market that help in fat-burning.

This would be the ideal weight and fat loss drug for those looking for a powerful anabolic steroid.  It is one of the most preferred drugs among sportspeople for weight loss and cutting fat while gaining muscle mass and lean physique simultaneously.

Anavar for Weight Loss

Anavar for weight loss is a popular name in bodybuilding and physical fitness circles.  Anavar is a unique steroid among other anabolic steroids.  Probably it is because of its gentleness that it is widely used by male and female body builders alike.  As a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), Anavar plays a key role when it comes to anabolic activities of the body. For this reason, it is used during cutting circles. Using Anavar for fat-burning can provide remarkable weight loss results if an effective diet plan and workout plan are both maintained.

Anavar cuts fat in a special way. It facilitates the cutting down on tissues that eventually produce fat. The breakdown and elimination of fat is important to considerable development of muscles. This is because it allows nutrients to be fully assimilated into the muscles as fats are eliminated owing to the effects of Anavar for weight loss.

Anavar ATPAnavar tends to produce good results for fat burning and weight loss since it is absorbed well through the oral way of administration, which is generated by the structural alteration at the C17. Actually, this alpha alkylation makes sure that the compound is not damaged while passing through the liver.

Usually, fat deactivates DHT. This occurs as DHT undergoes transformation converting to 5-alpha-androstane 3alpha, 17beta-diol and then to 5alpha-androstane 3beta, 17beta-diol. In fact, the body fat carries the affinity for estrogen receptors and acts as protection against high blood cholesterol, though they exist in small amount.

But, as fat accumulates in the waist and abdomen, additional dihydrotestosterone is both deactivated and converted. This change is supplemented by the production of additional water retention. In fact, anti-estrogen is not helpful since it is does not stop the alteration of DHT.  Anavar aids in cutting fat by helping to enhance the rate of its destruction. It achieves this by working against cortisol. Actually, cortisol reduces the rate of fat elimination and also affects creatine levels. Apart from helping to reduce fat, Anavar also aids in increasing androgen receptor, hence lessens the amount of estrogen that is able to bind.

How Anavar Affects Fat Tissue

Anavar improves the rate of lipolysis of fat since it affects cortisol’s anabolic activities.  It also increases the androgen receptor’s sensitivity, and this result in the development of muscle cells instead of adipose tissue.  Anavar has the ability to destroy fat because it is not neutralized by it.  The breaking down of lipids is what causes the creation of fatty acids, glycerol and also triglycerides.

Anavar Improves ATP and cAMP

Actually, the Anavar weight loss cycles play a crucial part in the activation of noradrenaline as well as cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This usually happens as it activates a vital enzyme known as hormone sensitive lipase, with the mechanism eventually leading to the buildup of muscle plus the breakdown of fat. Creatine works quite well with Anavar since it (creatine) boosts muscle ATP, hence builds muscles. ATP is transformed into cAMP by the actions of Anavar.