Although the British summer may be unpredictable, there’s no reason not to enjoy a golden tan.

There’s lots of different options, each with its own pros and cons, so how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Here’s a look at the different tanning options with a rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Indoor tanning booths


Indoor tanning booths are a great substitute for the sun, using UV rays to produce a natural tan. These sessions are usually relatively short which means they can easily be slotted in with a hectic lifestyle. The end result looks just like you’ve been sunbathing outdoors.


Indoor sunbeds don’t work for everyone; if you’ve got a fair skin and don’t tan outside, you’re unlikely to end with a good tan on a sunbed either. The price for all of the sessions can quickly start to mount too. However, by far the biggest negative is the effect that UV rays have on the skin. As well as causing wrinkling and premature ageing, there is also a strong link to an increased incidence of skin cancer. Individuals who use a sunbed before the age of 25 have a 75% increase in the risk of developing skin cancer.

Fake tanning products


golden-tanThere’s a whole host of self-tan products which come in a variety of shades, which means you can choose exactly how deep to tan. Some products provide an instant tan while others take a few hours to develop but both offer a very quick result.


Not all self-tan products provide a realistic colour, with some turning rather orange and having a very distinctive odour. Application isn’t easy either and unless you exfoliate thoroughly and wait for the self-tan to dry, you’ll end up with streaks and white patches.

Sunless tanning tablets


You don’t need any sunshine to get a golden glow as these tablets work naturally with the body to stimulate the production of melanin. The result is a beautiful tan which is indistinguishable from sunbathing. You’ll have no white patches or streaks either, looking beautifully bronze from head to toe. Popping a pill is a very quick and convenient way to get a tan and with no mess or fuss, it just takes seconds to look your very best.


Tanning tablets take 10-14 days to work so you’ll need to plan in advance. In addition, some tablets are better than others as the ingredients differ. Look for top brands such as Spa Tanning Tablets as the ingredients are all FDA approved and don’t contain beta carotene or canthaxanthin.

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