Creatine ranks among the most popular weight gain supplements in body building circles.  This is simply because it has been extensively researched and proven to deliver impressive results.  It is marketed to help you build muscle faster and that is why many folks who are into bodybuilding are interested in this supplement. Although it has shown to be extremely helpful in many situations, it should be used correctly and in the right situation for it to produce the best results.


There are important facts you need to know about creatine, but first it is vital to understand precisely what creatine is. This is essentially a substance found in a human body naturally and is a crucial element in providing fuel for the muscle tissues to constrict and relax during workout.

Here are the facts:

  • Although creatine is obtainable from sources other than supplements, most of the times these sources are still not sufficient to meet your requirements totally.
  • You get most of the creatine naturally from red meat and fish. This is absorbed from the food into your bloodstream. In case these meat sources are not providing large amounts of creatine, then the body can produce a small quantity of creatine from several other amino acids. These include arginine, glycine and methionine. However, this will not be adequate for the purposes of intense exercise.
  • If you fail to consume a reasonable amount of meat in your diet often, you are likely to become creatine deficient.
  • Approximately 95% of the total creatine in your body is stored up in the muscle cells. Thus, it is important that you ensure that this creatine source remains as much stocked up as possible. This is necessary for promoting optimum workouts through constant muscle fiber contractions.
  • Creatine monohydrate is the most affordable dietary supplement. This is in terms of muscle mass and strength gains.

How Does Creatine Work in the Body?

It is important to understand the way creatine works in the body. This will help you to realize why it would be useful for you to take it.

The basic role of creatine is to be the key constituent in the high energy compound that powers muscular contractions. It exists in the muscle fiber in distinct forms. The two forms are free or unbound creatine, and as creatine phosphate. The latter is what results from the combination of creatine molecules and the phosphate to create the high energy compound known as ATP.

The creatine existing in the body will mostly be in creatine phosphate form than in the free creatine form.

It is normally in the course of the contraction-relaxation cycle that this ATP physically provides energy by releasing one of the phosphate molecules. This leaves behind what is now known as ADP (which is made up of merely two versus three molecules).

The body is said to naturally have sufficient ATP to perform around 10 seconds of strength training. As such, you can understand how fast ATP would be depleted.  The body will have to manufacture additional ATP to allow the exercise to continue beyond this point. It is here that the creatine phosphate molecules come into play.

As you have already seen from the above facts, there is a good chance that you will consider whether it is necessary for you to supplement with creatine for a better body building experience.

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