While so many people are on a mission to cut weight, there are some who are actually struggling to gain weight.  The health and fitness community however doesn’t seem to pay much attention to them. The supplement industry places so much marketing focus on weight loss you might think it has forgotten about people who might want to actually gain weight. However, that is not true. The supplement stores’ walls are lined with tubs of weight gain supplements.


But how effective are weight gain shakes; do they really work? This is a common question that people wanting to put on muscle mass quickly often ask. This article will provide you with information on this.

Weight gain supplements are not just another protein supplement but are basically protein-based shake mixes. Ordinary protein shakes offer protein and little else. However, weight gain recipes consist of very large quantities of carbohydrates and fats aimed at boosting the calories count. Consuming more calories than your body needs will result in weight gain. Since supplements differ in calorie content, you need to choose the one that satisfies your needs.

Good weight gainers do work as they provide you with the ideal amount of clean calories and this is vital while bulking.

For instance, you don’t require 1,200 calories in your shake. As little as 300 calories per serving is normally adequate just as long as you are eating a healthy diet and often enough.

When you add weight, it is very healthy to gain some lean muscle mass rather than just body fat. While weight gain shakes make you gain weight, they don’t make you muscular.  That can only come from training. If you think you will find bulging biceps in a bottle, you are dead wrong. You’ll need to strength train on a regular basis or else all you will gain is fat. The supplement can only give you the additional calories you need to develop muscle. But this must initially be triggered by muscle stress. Going for a costly weight gainer shake will be of no use to you unless you do resistance training.

You should be careful to look at the ingredients list to ensure that you are buying quality weight gain shakes that can give you an optimal amount of decent calories. Cheap ones use sugar and stuff for their calories. Avoid such.  There are some really good ones that go at a higher price with a serving of approximately 150gms and provide you with 50gms of protein.  Other decent ones have large serving sizes, around 300gms and provide you with about 50gms of protein.

The upshot – weight gain shakes are effective. They offer a very easy way to consume the number of calories your body requires in a stress-free, quick manner.

However, you should remember that a weight gain shake alone will not get the job done. It is supposed to “supplement” a good diet rather than replace meals. Actually, it is meant for those who simply lack the means or time to have the amount of calories required per day to bulk up. Liquid calories are much easier to consume, hence it is sensible to invest in weight gain shake.

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